Green Lake

Mahalo to everyone for an amazing festival! See you next year, November 8th-16th 2014

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The festival opening day will be held at Ka Wai a Pele (Green Lake), one of the most sacred sites in Hawai’i. Bhakti/Hawai’i will celebrate ancient and modern sacred wisdom and traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices, with a special focus on traditional Hawaiian culture.

The event is free for all Hawaii Yoga Festival pass holders.


Video from last years event on 12/12/12:

Our Facilitators:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.39.13 PMFestival Headliner: Mary Isis
Born Mary Leah Diehl, Mary Isis prayerfully transforms her visions and soul progressions into sacred melodic soul songs rich with personal and universal meaning. Her voice, having been described as clear and angelic, is her foremost instrument, which she accompanies with her ukulele or guitar. Instilled with imagination and reverence for nature, Her creative forces are inspired from the natural wonders of Gaia as well as her passions, which include promoting sustainability, wellness in body and mind, and working with plant medicines. She has deep roots in the Puna Community of the Big Island, having lived there most of her life, being devoted to producing Sacred Art and Music as well as mentoring young people for over 10 years. Mary Isis is the founder of Nectarian Music and works in the support and production of sacred medicine music as well as ceremonial music events.

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Babaji Maharaj
Babaji Maharaj is a guru, spiritual healer and the first American Master in the Legendary Golden Lineage. He is dedicated to guiding souls back to the Divine (God / Goddess) Source. Babaji began spontaneously doing Yoga and Kriya at the age of 8 years old with no formal teacher. He began studying and mastering the Eastern practices at the age of 12 and became a self – realized master at the age of 22.He has worked for over 20 years with people that come from all walks of life, including businesses, individuals and celebrities. He offers guidance to release karma that alters one’s destiny. Over the years, he has offered services as a consultant and personal healer to Yogi Bhajan, his wife and family whom he lived with in New Mexico. This is also where he designed the first prototype for The Kundalini Yoga Center. He is the current founder and director of the Omatrix Center, an innovative energy medicine school which offers Yoga, Meditation and innovative energy therapies, located in Maui, Hawaii.

Berel Alexander
Berel Alexander is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Oakland, CA. With a passion for soul inspiring music of most any genre, Alexander has crafted his own feel-good, signature sound that is both fresh and retro. Blending pop, hip hop, funk and soul with songs about life, love, peace and positivity, he lifts his listeners up to a higher plane where there is no need to worry about a thing. As a live performer, Berel is charismatic, sincere, bold, and full of light and love. His forthcoming EP, complete with an 8-piece backing band is set for release later this fall.

Calley O’Neill
Calley O’Neill is a well-known Big Island visionary artist, conservationist and inspiring yoga and meditation teacher. Calley has studied with many renowned teachers in a wide variety of yoga, meditation, spiritual and qigong practices, particularly in the Diamond Logos Approach. Through her studies and dedication to her daily practice since 1975, Calley developed the highly effective FULL BODY ELIXIR. Through this practice, she was able to lift herself up out of serious chronic back and joint pain, and emotional turmoil. Calley loves to share the wisdom that has helps her every day of her life and can help anyone realize radiant health, inner peace, relaxation and happiness. Over the last 17 years her teaching on the Kohala Coast has helped literally thousands of students out of stress and pain.Calley teaches each Tuesday and Thursday at Lava Lava Beach Club, Anaeho’omalu Bay from 8 am to 9:30 AM and Saturday mornings 8:30 to 10:00 am. Beginners are encouraged! Join Calley for THE FULL BODY ELIXIR on the beautiful and peaceful Zen beach at the south end of Anaeho’omalu Bay at the Waikoloa Beach Resort. Occasionally, Calley works or travels off-island, so please check the website to confirm your practice dates.

DJ Opulence
Opulence’s focus is to assist in the global awakening and implementation of the new paradigm through music, dance, art, sustainability, technology, communal living, and modern shamanism.

Opulence is the musical alias of event promoter, DJ, producer, and instrumentalist Andy Freist. His DJ sets and productions span across many vast realms of music, and can be incorporated into any vibe for any time. Andy makes it his mission to fuse together the organic with the digital, the highs with the lows, the dark with the light, creating an experience of blissful singularity on the dance floor. By stepping outside of the “norm” and taking creative risks, he delivers a very unique and inspiring experience that transcends genre and style, providing an invigorating trance dance experience.

Opulence has performed along side of international acts such as I Awake, Kalya Scintilla, Tom Cosm, An-Ten-Nae, and more, and continues to perform at intentional events and gatherings to assist in collective transformation.

DreamDance Band
Utilizing the alchemy of past meets future, east meets west, The Dreamdance Band provides an experience of blissful introspection on the dance floor. Opulence and Phoenix Kumara are the root members, both multi-instrumentalists and DJ’s, and together cultivate a soundscape which transcends the limits of style and era.

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim
Uncle Harry Uhane Jim is a Kahuna, healer, teacher, and author of the book Wise Secrets of Aloha. His presentations carry authenticity and are known for unveiling profound ancient truths with wit and laughter. He evokes the Hawaiian experience of healing by raising your vibration.

According to Uncle Harry, it all starts with the idea that “there is another way.” The human experience can take negative energy and turn it into positive forms. We can embrace the paradox, and change the current of chaotic patterns.

Hooda has been a lifelong yoga enthusiast, teaching to a range of audiences for 14 years. With a background in psychology and counseling, she has seen how body awareness and focusing on breath can enhance one’s perspective and sense of well-being. Recognizing her dharma in ‘reminding others to smile’, she is committed to helping others find the presence, strength, and joy that yoga and mindfulness can provide.

Hooda’s enthusiasm and passion for yoga are apparent in her teaching. Inspired by teachers of the Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Flow systems, Hooda integrates form and fluidity in her teaching. She believes in meeting the students where their abilities are at, enhancing mindfulness through many modalities, and adjusting to make practice accessible to everyone. Her classes are non-dogmatic and playful, providing a challenging and compassionate space in which to explore one’s potentials.

Presently Hooda teaches at Sheraton Kona Resort, and Paleaku Peace Gardens, near to her organic coffee farm in Honaunau, South Kona.

Ilan Navah
Ilan is a fusion of diverse musical style and soul. His deep voice delivers spiritually empowering lyrics weaved through textures of funk, reggae, and middle-eastern tones. His love for all genres of music shines through his multi-instrumentalism and unique sound, allowing for a creative and limitless exploration into the higher realm that is never the same with each performance.

Jules Gard
Jules has simultaneously studied yoga and her own personal energy field for the past 15 years, as a process of understanding what it is to be a physical body. She studied extensively with Ateeka, whose “teachings reflect and encourage the innate intelligence of the bio-system, exploring the bridge between traditional yoga studies, meditation, and modern somatic approaches”. She deepened her yoga as an unfolding though self-discovery with Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, reconnecting with the feminine inner wisdom and creativity that lies within herself.

Jules continues her study of movement as medicine with somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad, creator of Continuum Movement. Continuum’s teachings have greatly influenced her yoga as movements initiated by the fluid systems become open and spontaneous in full-body awareness. She has experienced and worked with own her energetic field from a holographic module through Resonance Repatterning, as a Reiki Master/ Teacher and Sound Vibrational Healer.

Through her studies and experiences she has developed an understanding of movement in the physical and subtle bodies from a space of centered beingness. Her classes encourage an exploratory, changing, growing and evolving process from the innate intelligence of the bio-system as a responding organism relating to itself and its environment. This practice is a healing and meditative process that encourages and empowers the practitioner by giving their practice back to them.

Katalin Koda
Katalin Koda has been exploring earth stories, women’s mysteries and the mythic expression of our world for over seventeen years.  She is an author, shamanic healer, intuitive, ceremonialist, poet, artist and mother. Katalin is the co-founder of Fire of the Goddess Retreats which celebrate the power, love and wisdom of the divine feminine. Based on her book Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine she aims to make the divine feminine accessible to women and men of all walks of life.

Dr. Lawrence Cheng MD
Dr. Lawrence Cheng MD, CCFP(EM), MPH is the Founder/Director Connect Health Centre for Integrative Medicine in Vancouver, Canada as well as co-founder of the Wellness Institute of Hawaii. Throughout his years as an attending ER physician, Clinical Associate Professor and Physician Operations Leader at St. Paul’s Hospital, Dr. Lawrence Cheng often wished he could have intervened earlier in the trajectory of a patient’s life. This realization led him to explore a broader approach to health through a Masters in Public Health at Harvard, and subsequently, to study integrative medicine at the University of Arizona with Dr. Andrew Weil. His areas of interest include healthy aging, optimal health, mind-body medicine, integrative and functional medicine systems approaches to complex medical issues. Dr. Cheng’s passion is to help people achieve their highest vision of themselves through inspired, empowered and transformative health.

Lilia Cangemi
Lilia’s experience in the performing arts spans three decades and includes being a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher since the age of 16.  Ballet, modern dance, mime, acrobatics, contact improv, creative and authentic movement, butoh, low-flying trapeze, middle-eastern dance, partner yoga, meditation, gymnastics, body building, Biodanza, poetry and ecstatic dance have been her disciplines, her passion and her work.  Lilia is the creator of Dolphin Dance and Quantum Leap Healing.  She is a Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association registered Watsu Therapist and Instructor, Healing Dance Therapist and Instructor, Waterdance practitioner and Hawai’i Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Cranio-Sacral, a Reiki master and  breathwork professional.

Lilia produces and directs multimedia performances for theater and television.  A native of Milan, she has lived all over the world, having made the Big Island her home for over a decade.  Lilia brings to her teaching her experience as counselor and midwife of the soul. Creativity and ecstatic awakening of mind, body and spirit are the qualities she inspires in her work.

Lino Laure
Lino has been practicing meditation for over 30 years. A year after learning meditation, he had a spontaneous spiritual awakening, as the surge of kundalini energy awakened within him prompting a whole new level of life, self- awareness and direction. In 1993 he began study and received guidance from his teacher, JK Gurukal, a master healer from Kerala, India, learning the science of yoga asana, meditation, martial arts and other healing arts: applied sciences from the tradition of Dhanurveda. While much of what Lino has learned has been essentially for his own edification and spiritual path, he enjoys nonetheless sharing aspects of what he has learned with individuals who are open to a better understanding and experience of the art of yoga and meditation. Since 2010, Lino has taught extensive workshops and retreats in yoga and meditation in Hawaii, US mainland and Canada. He on the Big Island of Hawaii at Kalani Honua.

Luna Sophia
Luna Sophia is a spiritual being seeking some sense and nonsense in this biological body. Life is a gift – weird, exciting, scary, bizarre, hilarious, and achingly sorrowful at times.  The path of Yoga helps her find her coordinates and perhaps, helps others find their balance as well!  She loves to chant and study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, teach Hatha/Ashtanga (8-limbed path, not Pattabhi Jois’ style) in Puna at various locations such as Pahoa community center (Mondays 9am & Wednesdays 8:30am).

She gardens, teaches and speaks four languages fluently; and of course, practices, performs, and teaches aerial silks!  Luna Sophia considers aerial silks to be a high level form of yoga asana and meditation; a wandering mind would lead to physical endangerment and so being up in the air is the ultimate relaxation.

Maura Garland
Introduced to yoga and dance early in her life, these sacred arts opened her heart, mind, and body through conscious movement aligned with breath. Yoga Sessions with, Maura,  invite us to come into alignment with self-love through intention, visualization, seamless movement and elongated breath, grounding and centering us in the now. She invites us to practice together as community, one unified breath at a time, diving ever deeper and fuller in love with the life we lead.

Since receiving a Bachelors degree in Dance and Holistic Health in 2004, her core  studies and degrees have been in Astanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Universal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Radiant Child Yoga and Ayurveda. Maura offers private sessions to groups and  individuals upon request. She specializes in working with children and teens, yet loves  guiding all ages!

Megan Cannon
Megan Cannon lives a life devoted to practicing and teaching yoga and the healing arts. Megan is a nationally recognized certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. She began her practice 17 years ago and three years later started teaching. She recently instructed eager college students at Oregon State University. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Megan has traveled twice to Poona, India where she was immersed in the strict but thorough regimen with the Iyengar family.

Megan believes that when we align our muscles and bones properly we create length and strength in our physical bodies, which in turn creates space in our mental and emotional bodies, bringing freedom, harmony, clarity and optimal health. Megan has also taught yoga and workshops at many west coast festivals including Burning Man, Mystic Garden Party and Raw Spirit Fest.

“Awakening creation through Sound Vibration”
Parmita sings beautifully clear, channeled songs, which incorporate sacred mantras of various languages with an overall theme of universal Love and devotion to the Divine. She enjoys using a variety of instruments such as the tambura, harmonium, guitar and singing bowls to accompany her voice. Guided by her soul, intuition, Angels, Ancestor Guardians and Plant Guides, it is her Aspiration to awaken the Master inside, as a servant of the Divine Light. It is her great joy and service to facilitate her healing ceremonial retreats at her sanctuary, “Mele Lani” on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Robert Kent
Robert Kent is one of the co-founders of the Wellness Institute of Hawaii, the founder of Compassionate eye Foundation  and a permanant resident of puna for 5 years plus 8 winters.  He was one of the key organizers of two other community festivals at Green Lake, 11.11.11 and 12.12.12.  He currently lives in Seaview on Hawaii’s Yoga Coast in his permacultural eco-epicurean waterfarm.  Robert is on the committee for this Hawaii Yoga Festival opening gathering at Green Lake and will be our MC on the main stage.

Terra Ann Pracht
Terra Ann is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Instructor Trainer (E-RYT 200), and a Director of the Hawaiian Sanctuary rejuvenation center. She teaches yin restorative and tantrik-zen Hatha style yoga classes. She produces next level health retreats, creates community internships on a permaculture farm, guides cleansing programs, facilitates yoga workshops, and trains people to become yoga teachers through the Hawaii Branch of Cloud Nine Yoga Studio, a nationally recognized The Yoga Alliance school.

Soon after spirit guided him to the Big Island of Hawaii to continue his life path of Music and Service, he realized the amazing creativity that was pouring forth from the communities there, namely, the Puna community. Along with producing his own beautiful world music and sacred art, he began to assist others in manifesting their musical visions in his home studio. With devotion, he is supporting Mary Isis’ vision in the co-creation of “Nectarian Music,” which can be considered a new genre of transformational, visionary, sacred music. Not only is he well learned in Flamenco Guitar (studied in Spain) and the classical Indian Sarode and dotar, he is also a gifted professional Vedic Astrologer (Jyotish) and Yoga instructor.


We warmly invite you to Hawaiʻi Island for an intimate and heartfelt experience.

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